The bar at Bombay Borough is a well-travelled one: where old favourites, from a diverse range of cultures and regions of India, comfortably sit alongside refreshing new brews. Bright Indian ingredients mix to present classics with a twist, or pair elements that make for an altogether new journey.

Come try our signature Pauwa Cocktails, 180 ml of desi concoctions, served up in Pauwa, or quarter bottle just like you get them in the local Bombay bars. Paired with the right Chakhna: crunchy, tasty bar snacks, specials like Janta Bar & Madras Pop, will definitely make you crave for more.

The bar menu brings together homemade liquor infusions and bitters with Desi Cocktails like Sahebs & Babus and Bombay Prohibition as well as Angrezi Gin & Tonics like our Queens Necklace and Bengal Blossom.

The Desi Mocktails, Kairi Sherbet and Rickshaw Refresher, which are all about seasonality, take inspiration from the wide range of ingredients that pop up across India throughout the year.

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